Dating a confirmed bachlor Canadian grannny hookup


Don't play the jealousy game that a lot of woman play to get their guy to commit that will only make the man think he can do the same thing and see a lot of women and this will make the situation even worse.Since you have been dating 6 years can also be a sign of whether he is going to commit or not if you have been dating for years and things haven't changed you may have to reserve yourself to the fact that he may never commit to one woman or at least anytime soon that is why you should tell him what you want and need out of the relationship this way you will know one way or another whether to stay and try or give up and move on and eventually find someone that will fulfill your needs and your desires out of the relationship.Then, three weeks ago, I noted he was still friends with his ex-fiance on Facebook and I asked him to remove her.I had a cheating spouse and although I feel these are my trust issues, I trusted this man beyond the confines of Facebook.

So, I am still confused, bewildered, and feel he is pushing me away. he has been the one all along who has been talking of this. Meeting someone in your early twenties is so simple isn’t it?

In fact, common sense tells me to state my feeling clearly and let the chips fall where they may.

Customer In this situation you are going to have to take risks when it comes to getting him to commit.

Sincehe is introducing you to his circle of friends could be a positive sign just make sure he isn't doing the same thing with the other females and if he is not that could be a sign that he is turning a corner to committing.

Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.

As far as what he has actually expressed, he'll hold me, sigh, and say," You have no idea".

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