Dating a man that lives swinging lifestyle


People were doing pretty much anything you can think of.

Two people together, five girls together, it was just a free-for-all.

It was exciting and fun to plan dates and it brought up surprising aspects of our sexuality.

It also brought up some powerful emotions, which we were able to work through, although after some of the couples we were dating dropped us, the experience hit my wife really hard and we stopped not only swinging, but having sex altogether. Now she often uses our past experiences as fantasies when we have sex, but says she isn’t interested in the lifestyle anymore.

Some of the most challenging aspects of this or any sexual practice that includes multiple partners are the human tendencies toward jealousy, the associated guilt and the compromised trust that are inherent in these complex relationships.

Many people go into these relationships not fully appreciating the level of communication skills and the commitment required to hold the unpredictable results of mixed pair bonding.

Although recent media exposes about swinging has piqued the curiosity of many couples, recent studies show the population that has engaged in this practice is less than 5% of all couples.

The North American Swing Club Association claims that the population of participants is much higher at 15 percent and reports that there are organized swing clubs in almost all states and in many international communities.

Swinging, as you have seen, can be a double-edged sword.I had my towel clenched around me, and we were walking around. I would buy something fun to wear and get really dressed up and it would be this whole ritual. It just happened and it didn't bother me and I didn't worry about it.We went and sat down by a bar and after a while Eric said, "Well, do you just want to go in one of those rooms by ourselves? We went into a private room alone, had great sex, then went home that night and had great sex for the rest of the weekend. Once a girl came up to me and we started talking and I thought she was gorgeous. We've swapped between couples maybe four or five times since then.Still largely viewed as deviant social behavior, it is perceived as a threat by the majority of couples and institutions.Most swinging couples feel that they need to guard their lifestyle choices closely so that ironically, while they have greater openness between them, they also struggle with secrecy and vulnerability within their families and communities.Although swinging involves having sex with people other than one’s spouse, people who choose this lifestyle report that the practice enhances their relationship both sexually and emotionally.

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