Dating a sagittarius guy who is gerard butler dating now 2016


He likes things big and colorful, even when you see him only in black, beige and grey.

You can always choose a book of jokes, funny things children say, philosophy and the search for truth.

Still, when he finds himself in a relationship with a partner who can follow his pace, there is a great chance he will become committed, faithful and unusually stable.

The most important thing he needs to find in his relationship is purpose and a sense of a meaningful future.

In general, it is good to keep this man on a distance for a while, until his intentions become clear and his emotions stable.

Even though he will enjoy spontaneity and romances that start on a whim, he will have the chance to deepen his feelings only when he has something to fight for.

His Sun is in a sign ruled by Jupiter and this makes him prone to fall in love quickly, acting like a conqueror that has to win the hearts of many.As a man ruled by Jupiter, he likes everything in abundance, sex too.Still, this nature ruled by Jupiter speaks of a believer.Most often he doesn’t even know why he doesn’t want to remain in the same relationship, or why he needs that much change and adventure.This doesn’t stop anyone around him to understand that this is because of his search for that one, true direction.Sagittarius men are often misconstrued to be superficial and childish.

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