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A few of the possibilities include: Dancing is a great aerobic exercise.Options include ballroom dancing, line dancing, tap, folk dancing and much more.Active seniors know how to keep the good times rolling with activities for the body, mind, and spirit. A full, vibrant, and independent life demands all three.Whether you are a healthy retiree or in need of a little physical, mental, or emotional "tune-up," there are plenty of fun activities to suit your needs.You could join a senior league or play with friends at the local park or rec center.Your choice of sports is limited only by your physical condition and interest.You can find these classes at gyms, community centers, and dance schools.Keeping the mind sharp is important for people of all ages, but becomes even more important as you get older.

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The National Senior Games Association oversees the Senior Olympics.

A walk in your neighborhood, at the mall, along the beach or around your favorite park is a great way to start the day.

For variety, combine walking with another activity such as bird watching, a scavenger hunt, or letterboxing (an outdoor activity that combines hiking and treasure hunting).

Whether swimming vigorous laps or lazily dog paddling around the pool, water can provide rigorous and beneficial exercise for seniors.

It is a great way to increase circulation, and it is the perfect exercise for those who struggle with arthritis, since it places no pressure on the joints.

Senior centers also organize group trips and provide lunches for participating members for a nominal fee.

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