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For First robotics and OCCRA, I was captain of the pit team and scout lead.

Also for First, I was captain of the mechanical team.

For community service, I was leader of the pb and j outreach program. I am looking at Michigan State and Western Michigan for engineering (not sure which type) Thanks for the help. Trying to apply for afrotc and im creating an account but keep getting a failure to sed activation email.

I had been advised to leave the program after finishing my AS100 year.

The information I have been given from the detachment at my school says field training is 2 weeks (1 week expeditionary skills training and 1 week deployment training), but everything I see online says a month. The program at my school is offering a sort-of “crash course” for soon to be AS250’s to catch up with returning cadets, but AS100’s are welcome to attend as well. It is a significant time commitment in a week designed to experience all that my school offers while meeting new people, and honestly I do not really want to do it.

However I understand that it possibly would be beneficial in that I would show my commitment to the commanders, etc. Hello, I am currently becoming a senior (male) at a catholic high school.

Since I was never officially disqualified, would I be able to return next fall and finish the program? I wouldn’t mind extending my degree a few semesters or even picking up a minor if necessary.

I have also been looking into enlisting in the Air Force and doing programs like SOAR. I am about to go into my senior year of high school and I am considering doing AFROTC to pay for college.

A sneak peak at what goes on in AFROTC More of a visual person?

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