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CIF honcho Seth Van Patten and his executive board did not call a forfeit on South Pas but declared that there would be no 1935-36 champion, and eliminated Class B playoffs going forward.

Hoover tied for first with Long Beach Poly and was declared champion because it had beaten the Jackrabbits, but the Cardinals’ days of Class B domination were coming to an end.

San Diego coach Ed Ruffa prepared to whistle stop several venues in the Southwest, but received no replies after soliciting El Centro Central, Brawley, Holtville, and Mesa, Arizona.

The Hilltoppers still posted wins at Yuma, 32-11, and Phoenix Union, 31-22.

Most other Southern Section Leagues still were involved in their regular seasons. 24, a scheduled playoff with Metropolitan League champion Point Loma failed to materialize as the Pointers forfeited.

Point Loma coach Joe Beerkle said that he had lost two starting players, Gil Gonsalves and Gerald Lutes, to midterm graduation and, anyway, the rest of the team was concentrating on the beginning track-and-field season. 27, Ruffa was getting desperate for a game, any game.

Alhambra lost three starters, Long Beach Poly, one.

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