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But Say Allo will have to compete with Bumble, which has 12 million users, and Tinder, which has more than 50 million.To do that, Lewis said the company is launching some aggressive marketing campaigns.The result is the more a person uses Say Allo, the more the app shows matches that coincide with preferences.

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It's currently selling for 9, discounted from the usual 9.

The more users it has, the more data it collects, which means more for the algorithm to learn from and match better.

There are other things Say Allo is doing to set itself apart.

“For the safety factor alone, you can meet someone in a safe environment without giving personal information,” Lewis said.

“We’re charging about the cost to go out on a date in person with someone.

Sometimes all you need is 30 seconds in-person to decide if someone is compatible.

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