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She wants to get married and have a family, but she isn't in any hurry to do so.

She started a business, is a partner in another one, and a key employee in a third. I've never had to fight so hard for a bill in my life.

Now, go into one of those bars with an abundance of neon and those plastic Budweiser banners hanging outside that say something like "Bucket of 6 Bud Light for .25!

Translations of Freud and Russell for psychology/philosophy, some Steinbeck in English, all kinds of stuff.

If I could have proposed there (a week after meeting her), I might have.

She's insistent on paying for half of meals, and even sneaks away to do it sometimes. If we end up with career prospects in the same city, I'd marry the girl in a heartbeat.

Eventually you separate one from the herd - she's relatively cute - and take her home.

When you wake up, you roll over and she is still there.

You notice that the older ones look as if they've been teleported from the 80s or 90s, with Jordache jeans, tired perms and mall bangs.

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