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One-on-One coaching and classes on dating with coach Kimi. DUET RELATIONSHIP SERVICES, with Cambria Lowe, 408-824-4114, [email protected] Also guides them through the ups and downs of being in a relationship.

DIVORCE RECOVERY WORKSHOP & SUPPORT GROUP, Miller Avenue Church, 285 Miller Ave., Mill Valley CA 94941. Annie also writes a dating advice column for the San Francisco Examiner. ILENE WOLF, international dating and marriage expert, with offices in San Francisco and Mill Valley, 415-420-3619. Susan Bradley teaches seminars for singles all over the SF and Monterey Bay areas.

Her clients skew male, though she offers services to both men and women.

She’s one of several dating coaches and matchmakers in the Bay Area who have learned that even those who create the technology meant to help people date and meet and chat don’t necessarily know how to do those things themselves.

“You can learn more about someone in a 5-minute conversation than you’ll learn spending 20 minutes reading and trying to interpret their dating profile,” Merrill said.

Taking the dating course “really trained me to get out of my head and stop asking questions or doing things that I thought were going to get me what I wanted from someone,” said Wagner, who now volunteers as an instructor in Merrill’s classes.

To bridge the awkwardness of asking for dating advice, Merrill often markets her seminars as social workshops that will help build professional relationships as well as personal ones.

Chuck Wagner, 42, took classes from Merrill about six years ago. He was a salesman, and his success hinged on persuading others to do business with him.

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of online dating, first impressions matter.

We host a variety of different dating events including cocktail parties, wine tastings, and speed dating.

They don’t know each other, though they’re seated at the same table.

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