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She is currently making plans to start her own retail business, but is determined to keep this secret at work for fear of being fired by the management.

However, Marla has put this ambition on hiatus due to the fact that she has to support a young daughter in her family.

As part of his new duties, Cooper does initial interviews for a new stockroom employee.

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She vents her frustration by writing a retail manifesto railing against the idiocies of customers and management, which at last mention had grown to 200 pages.

Marla was promoted to store manager after Stuart accepted a promotion to district manager in 2012.

First Appearance: January 1, 2006 Cooper works in Grumbel's stockroom and is the store's clown.

The store closed on June 28, and Cooper was shocked to receive Stuart's congratulations for a job well done, complete with a promise to provide the closing cash bonus as previously negotiated.

Cooper has built a small lounge on the roof of the Grumbel's out of old patio furniture dubbed "Cooper's Lounge" and also spends time constructing "Box Art" out of empty cardboard boxes.

However, the name Grumbel's is a parody of real life department store Gimbels, which closed in 1987.

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