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About 70 Roman bronze cauldrons, often used as burial urns, have been found.Contact with the civilized countries farther south brought a knowledge of runes; the oldest known Norwegian runic inscription dates from the 3rd century.How much money do Western countries send to the UN so that useless countries can get that money by sending troops who do nothing?Several years ago the moslem northern part of Sudan began a genocide against the darker southern Sudanese.Martin Faust, 2006 I have issued a class action "Thank you" to all who have reped me, past and present. They were farmers who grew grain and kept cows and sheep.Huge burial cairns built close to the sea as far north as Harstad and also inland in the south are characteristic of this period.The motifs of the rock carvings differ from those typical of the Stone Age.

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The Norwegians mostly sailed westward, raiding and settling in Ireland, Scotland, England, France, the Shetland Islands, the Orkney Islands, the Hebrides, the Isle of Man, the unpopulated Faroe (Faeroe) Islands, and Iceland.The Frostating was the assembly for the leaders in the Trondheim Fjord area; the earls ( developed in the area of Lake Mjøsa in the east and eventually established its meeting place at Eidsvoll, becoming known as the Eidsivating.The area around Oslo Fjord, although at times closely tied to Denmark, developed a The name Viking at first (c.800) meant a man from the Vik, the huge bay that lies between Cape Lindesnes in Norway and the mouth of the Göta River in Sweden and that has been called Skagerrak since 1500.The term Viking Age has come to denote those years from about 800 to 1050 when Scandinavians set out on innumerable plundering expeditions abroad.By the 9th century each of these small states had (assemblies for negotiations and lawmaking) developed.

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