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However, I may have watched "Home Alone" every Christmas, but I have no idea who Tin Tin was and what he did. If you thought something like that, congratulations, you probably believed everything else Walt Disney told you as well.I can quote "Star Wars", but I don't really know what Bill Cosby was all about. Westerners are direct, but only in certain situations, mainly work-related, which is good since it makes for efficiency. It's perhaps the source of most of those cringe worthy arguments between a soft-spoken Englishman and that rowdy fellow (who pronounced "W" and "I" with a little too much force) you may have overheard over coffee one time when you where dating that hot French's like playing Diablo III on easy mode after a lifetime of learning to play on hard mode. that doesn't mean that everyone that had to learn Diablo on hard mode actually got good at Diablo, most people just quit after multiple failures, but those that did have a definite edge in the West, where, no offense to the actual masters out there, most guys are like Silver League of Legend players: they know the basics, but still can't hold their lane.5.Religion is a habit Long story short, EEs are more religious than Westerners... But when you go abroad and are removed from the environment of your religion, your religious rituals diminish.We panic over anything and jump at the slightest sign that something might go wrong and even when things are going well, we worry because it's going too well.

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You see, we may be white, but WEs and EEs are as different as Swedes and Nigerians, the only difference is that our differences are under the skin rather than being our skin. However, in the West, the government is the good guy, actually watching out for its citizens and their best interests. As an EE, traffic light buttons present in the West provide a philosophical dilemma: does the button work?

Same goes for Pink Floyd, the Doors or Jimmy Carr but now I actually listen to Pink Floyd, still not really get Jim Morrison and worship Jimmy Carr.7. Too which, I must say, good job on finding a hot French girl, you looked under a lot of stones didn't you?

Yes, we do find small talk difficult and weird Name one EE diplomat. We do, however, posses a certain skill that helps us in these situations: we are very good at guessing what you're thinking.

But, without the intention of sounding like an orange-hued, Lil' Wayne wannabe, EE life is defined by the struggle and the hardships of our condition.

That's not to say we're bloody poor, even though many of us are, but all of us worry. Our parents grew up in communism, our grandparents grew up in the great conflict that was the Eastern front in WW2.

Don't tell us you like our new haircut, when you don't, most of the time we can tell you're lying6. I'm here to tell you that, in this case, reality is better than fiction.

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