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According to the National Enquirer, Tracey and her family all thought they were better than the Murphy’s, and Tracey accused the entire family of being “too ghetto.” “The families hated each other from the beginning,” a close family friend told The Enquirer.

“There were actual screaming matches between relatives.” And it didn’t take long before both Eddie and Tracey were knee-deep in the fray.

The singer sat down with Kevin Frazier for an exclusive interview and for the first time discussed his sexuality and why he believes the rumors have persisted.

“If I could tell you why I sure would have by now…at this point in time I would have been able to cure that issue … “I took (sic) for the life of me never, never understood where it came from, why it lasted as it’s lasted.” Gill, who will be seen tonight on TV One‘s new episode of Unsung, also discussed his friendship with Eddie Murphy and the talk that they were more than just friends.

Davis later regained Arista and Reid sought employment elsewhere, landing at Def Jam/Island/Universal where he has worked with Jay-Z, who ran Def Jam into the ground. over at Def Jam/Island/Universal, as he and his team (Jay-Z, The Dream, Ne-yo And Polo Da Don) are still engaging in taking advantage of songwriters. And so, he took her to a foreign country, where they had a “spiritual ceremony,” wore costumes indigenous to the exotic nation and rolled around on the ground, but it really wasn’t legally binding. He is in fact the one that did the television interview, where through his unkind statement, questioning if it was even his child she was carrying, made what was private, a public matter.

Jay-Z has been sued several times for copyright infringement and defrauding people out of their money. So, in essence she is more than entitled to argue her case publicly as well, just as he did with that interview.

It falls under international human rights in the UN and domestic law, that each person has the right to a good name as well as the right to defend said name.

Therefore, people are allowed to verbally, literarily or legally fight back, save for violence.

According to the anonymous insider, Michael brokered some deal with Jimmy Choo that required getting a bunch of pictures of the bridesmaids in Choo’s shoes, and Michael turned into a bit of a diva in his attempt to make sure the Choos got enough photos.And he was coaching the guests on how to pose in photos. Remember to get the Jimmy Choos in the pictures or else we won’t get our free shopping spree! “Remember to get the Jimmy Choos in the pictures or else we won’t get our free shopping spree! In the scheme of things, it sounds like they really narrowly avoided a big disaster.How much closer can you get than marrying the wrong person but not making it legal? News, Tracey’s been all over Sundance having a wonderful time.Tracey Edmonds is now dating a straight man after her break up with actor and ex-fiancé Eddie Murphy, who has been the subject of many gay rumors and allegations of a relationship with singer Johnny Gill. First Eddie Murphy’s other ex-girlfriend, Melanie Brown, does an interview saying there were things about Eddie’s lifestyle she wasn’t prepared to deal with because she has children and there were people coming and going at his house late at night.Then I thought, but Eddie has kids too – whatever could she mean.Host Donnie Simpson tried to pry it out of Babyface during an interview. It was an elaborate, well planned wedding, but amazingly he still hasn’t taken the time to plan a visit with his toddler, Angel Iris, who was at the center of an acrimonious paternity battle last year. I don’t understand why you’re behaving that way towards a child, especially one that is yours.

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