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I don’t really 100% know how to use discord and I’ve also never ran my own server before. LDR will not be an issue and would like to give it a try also. - 22-27 - If possible, fit or lean - Clean and takes care of himself - Considerate, supportive, responsible, dependable - Accept me for who I am. Currently I am on the working out phase and losing weight phase of my life(after getting out of a toxic relationship). Video games (specifically have a ps4), books (horror crime fantasy scifi), food (most?if you've sent me a message before, do it again?I don't think a laundry lists of my interests or media that I enjoy are an accurate picture of who I am.There ARE rules, however, and everybody is expected to follow them.For those that can't easily see the sidebar, here is a screenshot: [SIDEBAR] This subreddit is 18 . No personal information, including but not limited to phone number, email addresses, or external profiles.buuut: first love was probably video games, second was music. biracial living in the conservative southern US has its interesting stories.

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