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); however, we can initiate a hug in public in social situations.

It’s impolite to hug a bride during the wedding or reception.

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Ladies: we’re wise to keep the same thoughts in mind (lawsuits, gossip and wives!

where the protagonist, Ted, has been on two dates and is trying to choose between those two women. Going On and On About Yourself Sure, your date wants to know where you're from, what you do, your hobbies, etc., but he doesn't need to know absolutely everything all at once.

A little bit of mystery goes a long way on a date.4.

Being Glued to Your Phone There are exceptions to this rule, like if you're debating something and a simple Google search will prove you're right.

But generally you should leave your phone in your bag.

If your date is drinking heavily, don't feel like you need to keep up.

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