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Popular brands include Hormel Bacon Toppings, Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits and Pieces, and the analogue Betty Crocker Bac-Os.

Basil Leaves and uses - Use basil leaves in tomato sauces, sprinkle over salads and sliced tomatoes.

Finely chopped basil stirred into mayonnaise makes a good sauce for fish.

Use as a garnish for vegetables, chicken and egg dishes. Use it as a seasoning for pizza, spaghetti sauce, sausage, soup, tomato juice, dressings, salads, and any dish where oregano would be used.

Bacon bits are made from either small, crumbled pieces of bacon (ends and pieces) or torn or misshapen slices; in commercial plants they are cooked in continuous microwave ovens.

Similar products are made from ham or turkey, and analogues are made from textured vegetable protein, artificially flavored to resemble bacon. Some dried bacon bits are artificially flavored to taste like bacon and are a vegetable protein to resemble bacon.

- MSG may be the most widely used flavor enhancing ingredient after salt and pepper. Use when making sweet and sour sauce, sour soup, use in vegetables, in Iran it goes into fesenjan, chicken in walnut-pomegranate sauce; in Armenia and Georgia, it’s used to make sauces for kebabs., a National Natural Landmark, is located in the high Oregon desert some 70 miles southeast of Bend, Oregon and about 1 mile north of the town of Fort Rock.Part of the northern Great Basin, the Fort Rock Valley is part of an ancient dried lake. Fort Rock is an old tuff ring created by volcanic action in what was a shallow sea in prehistoric times.While MSG harmonizes well with salty and sour tastes, it contributes little or nothing to sweet or bitter foods. It is a key ingredient in Mexican atole de anís or champurrado, which is similar to hot chocolate, and it is taken as a digestive after meals in India.- A large perennial herb found in rain forest habitats.Vincent), Australia, Southeast Asia, and South and East Africa. Bacon Bits and uses - Sprinkle over tossed salads, macaroni or potato salads or omelets.

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