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Obviously you don't know what a date is made of, do you, you little Cheeto's-fingered, smelly KFC addict.Well let us try to cover some of the basics, because we care enough about you not to want to see you slashing your wrists halfway through the day.The first is to present yourself in a favorable light.You always want to do this, even if you don't end up liking your date, since he or she might know and talk to the next person you take out.

There is a natural progression from "friendly" touch to "romantic" touch.Your second goal is to judge whether or not you like the person you're on the date with.You can do this through screening with questions or simple observations.You can enhance this by living an attractive lifestyle and showing that through your actions and mannerisms. If you are a geeky guy, as you probably are if you're reading this, make sure that your place has a good balance of geeky and non-geeky decor.Don't try to completely hide your geeky side, since your date probably already knows about it and appreciates it.Conversations should cover a wide variety of topics and should be somewhat personal.

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