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That means after approximate serial number 4,200,000, so post World War II.

In 1936 the M1 Garand replaced the M1903 Springfield as the standard service rifle, the M1903 remaining in use as a sniper weapon.M1 Garand Parts Bolts, Barrels, Operating Rods, Gas Cylinders and other USGI and New Parts for the collector and shooter.Many items are "one each" in availability and the ACTUAL part is pictured unless there are several available.The M1 Garand was the standard service rifle from 1936 through 1957.The result is that the parts kit represents a wide range of places and dates of manufacturing. John C Garand worked at the US Army's Springfield Armory and designed a series of closely related rifles through the 1920s and early 1930s.All the below details on type and manufacturer come from that book.

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