Dating me love arabians


The Great Spirit, ‘Nkulunkulu’, created the Universe and used ‘Ma’ under His direction.‘Ma’ was granted a companion, a kind of being that was half plant and half animal, the Tree of Life.The sparkle grew bigger and bolder as it fled, and devoured ‘Nothingness’.The River Time then sent out Spirit Cold to fight the flame.Through further movement they then separated into ama Nguni and abe Suthu. ama Nguni, ama Mbo, ama Ntungwa Nguni, ama Lala Nguni, ama Debe Nguni and ama Thonga.On penetrating the South of Africa, abe Suthu divided into three groups i.e. All these were the descendants of the sons of Mnguni.

It appears that the common pattern of movement from the all the groups followed rivers and streams as they not only provided water for the flock, but also guaranteed fertile ground for livestock and agriculture.

They married, mated and the first human population was born in the Kalahari.

The Tree of Life grew leaves and fruit that dropped seeds onto the earth which sprouted into forestry.

It is from the latter that we notably hear of the rise of the Zulu Kingdom as led by King Shaka ka Senzangakhona. During the separation of these kinship groups isilulu played a pivotal role.

‘Isilulu’ is a hand crafted boat-like creation made out of reeds and wood stalks woven together in the same manner as one would create a basket.

‘Ma’ pleaded with the ‘Tree of Life’ to save at least two of the second people.

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