Dating mistakes even smart women make

So, why would you like to spend your life on something that isn't really worth it? Of course, there can be sweet sensetive men, for whom it is important to find the right words not to hurt, but the main idea is: MEN NEVER HESITATE ONCE THEY DECIDE TO LEAVE U!

If you deceide to quit, do it immediately, don't set any terms, like Birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc.! It is YOUR life passing by and you can already celebrate the same Christmas with a special person, who knows!

But take the same man in relationships several months after - and... So, if one day U wake up by a man whose appearance seems familiar, but the personality is totally different from the one you had deep feelings for, DON'T PANIC!

Your beloved one didn't become a victim of UFO, and there is no alian inside him.

by Preachaman I posted an article last week about getting back with my ex, and everyone's resounding answer was FORGET HER! It just goes to prove how stupid you can get when you fall for a girl. And since she had never had anyone tell her that, she just ate it up. (mistake #11) I had never even held this girl's hand. I find out that she was engaged to the guy when she started dating me. And this is the girl I supposedly "love." So I do the only smart thing I did in this relationship.

All of you younger guys really could learn from this. (mistake #12) Like a little lost puppy, I asked her if we could be "official' boyfriend and girlfriend, to be the one to change my pansy diapers. She still has feelings for the guy who treated her like dirt and I do nothing about it. I told her I was meeting her at work and that we WERE going to talk about things.

What if SHE was the first to get interested in a man and what magic words shall SHE utter to make the lovestory of her life begin? But a minute later I realized that my only long-term relationships (2 years and a half) ended exactly in the result of my "great expectations" from the guy!

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It can take years and still end in the very same dead-end. Analysis does help to correct or to build relationships in the future :) So, think, analize, take some action if necessary, because your LOVE is somewhere out there, if you don't look for it, how will you find it?

A few minor fixes and he'll fall madly in love!

Wondering how to get a guy to like you is a confusing state of mind to be in, one that can cause even the most attractive women out there to do or say something they later regret.

A week later I called her, and she suggested that we go to the movies with the couple she came in with. (mistake #19) So I cried for like two hours and basically broke my hand from punching things that day.

We had a VERY long conversation and appeared to really hit it off. (mistake #20) So I met her at work and she could instantly tell that I was upset. (This was actually a smart thing.) So we found a place and sat down and I held her tight. I told her that I couldn't handle this playing phone tag all the time and her avoiding me. (mistake #23) As if that wasn't enough, I thought I could still fix the relationship.

But I was STILL stupid enough to think I could make it work. So when it is all over she is thinking, "Finally, this guy is gone." Even though she still thinks I'm a sweet person, she's glad I'm gone. (mistake #24) So I try to call her and I whine to her mom for a while. (mistake #26) I whine to her friend, (who was actually dumb enough to side with me! She was a little unstable, with a screwed up family.

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