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A few individuals should be noted for playing an important role in the development of the “Navajo Rug”.

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The Trading Posts thrived as, first the arrival of the train brought a new and inquisitive crowd of tourists, and then the car brought a steady stream.

During a more mature phase of trading post history the local weavers made a marked return at Two Grey Hills to traditional woolen color palettes, grey, white and brown wool with black being the only dye used.

The Two Grey Hill rugs features geometric crystalline groupings that may also be seen in the Crystal Rug.

This particular “Germantown” rug was made to order by Hubbell for a private client and is now available as a reproduction through Southwest Looms.

Hubbell took the unusual approach of having the designs painted and hung on a wall for the weaver to follow as a template. Moore was a traditionalist and played with the authentic color-palette of un-dyed wools.

Perhaps no better example may be given than Hambleton Noel, who deciding to establish a trading post at Teec Nos Pos, where others had failed before, having been driven away by the Indians.

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