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It doesn't matter what the government might want to do: good, bad or indifferent, the Liberal opposition will try to oppose it.The Australian Liberal Party is showing many signs of not wanting to do anything to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas production rate, which is one of the highest in the world on a per-capita basis.Of course the Australian Liberals had to, at some time accept the inevitable; that renewable energy is the future.Perhaps this is just the first sign of the Liberals in Australia moving into the twenty-first century; only time will tell.Even most Liberal voters didn't swallow the message the Liberals and Murdoch media have been putting out! Malcolm Turnbull has replaced Tony Abbott as PM, but he has done nothing about Australia's shameful level of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Giles Parkinson wrote about the Tony Abbott's climate policy in Renew Economy on 2013/08/15 and referred to The Climate Institute's damning report on the Coalition climate policy.You’ll enjoy exploring the historic Bright Angel Lodge, built in 1935, and Mather Point, which boasts some of the most inspiring views of the canyon.A gourmet box lunch will be served as you absorb the magnificence of the Grand Canyon and capture memories to last a lifetime. Our check in was awesome (I think his name was Brian). The gals at the snack shop were even willing to make chocolate milk for our daughter, our pilot, Sean Beal was so awesome.The repealing of the Carbon Tax, which the graph indicates was highly effective at reducing emissions from the Australian energy sector, was a crime against the younger people of Australia and the world, and a crime against future generations.The increased emissions since the repealing of the carbon tax, which could easily have been avoided (by keeping the Carbon Tax in force), are convincing evidence of this crime.Wind power is popular, effective, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves lives by displacing polluting coal-fired power stations, yet the Liberals are set against it.

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