Dating nz adult match maker


Once we have this insight, we are able to begin our partnering procedure in earnest: comparing your personality profile to those of thousands other New Zealanders in order to to determine who might be the most compatible.

It’s a major piece of our matchmaking puzzle – but it’s not the only one!

This test uses psychological methodology to determine your levels of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism – in other words, it looks at what makes you unique.The personality test gives us a good base from which to curate our profile suggestions but we realise that a great match is about more than just compatible personalities: it is also about compatible lives.That’s why we also take your relationship preferences and dating deal-breakers into account when making a match – it helps us to ensure that the recommendations we make for you will have a chance to really go the distance While the personality questionnaire may not be re-taken, you may alter this personal preference criteria at any time, meaning that our recommendations to you can stay in sync with any changes in your lifestyle.This includes, for instance, the preferred age of your partner, their potential distance, and their desire to have children.When you are using an online dating site, there is nothing more frustrating than discovering a profile that ticks all your boxes, only to notice that the owner hasn’t logged on in a year and half.From Afghanistan to Sierra Leone, we support projects that help people live out their passion for sport.

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