Dating only once a week


The press release and other documents, linked herein for reference, include a tax transparency communication, Council Directive re: automatic exchange of information and Q and A’s of the comprehensive package.

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The draft includes OECD BEPS Action concepts, such as the form of transfer pricing documentation, although retaining arguable local concepts and introducing intangible definitions prior to the final OECD Guidelines.

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LUAssets/China_issues_2016_Advance_Pricing_Agreement_Annual_Report/$FILE/2017G_06540-171Gbl_TP_China issues 2016 APA Annual India is recognized as very creative and aggressive in its transfer pricing practices, this report should be reviewed to test whether an APA should be filed, as well as in other countries for additional certainty.

EY’s Global Tax Alert provides additional details, included for reference.

Armed with the foresight that such APA’s may be included in transfer pricing documentation and exchanged between tax authorities around the world, it may be a worthwhile roadmap demonstrating consistency for significant transactions.

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