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The gods find out what Kronos was really like, how it was living in Othrys and just how Kronos and Rhea deal with having to raise their six kids whilst also juggling with their feelings. How would his rational and reasonable mind impact the ultimate outcome of Westeros?

All it took was one choice, a single decision to change the life and destiny of Harry Potter. rarely does the soul awaken it forgotten memories and rarer does it manage to retain the memories more than just a dream. As Malo Myotisemon was defeated his last final wish was granted. He just might be able to change the world for the better... While investigating a disturbance Wonder Woman sees the carnage of a monster who sees himself as a judge jury and executioner. Hazel Marie Sanchez is a Sergeant of the Army Reserves. Star Wars characters view various scenes and events from the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels TV shows, or other media.

We made your Mazda the superior vehicle it is today and we want to ensure it remains that way - whether it's taken you 10,000 miles or 100,000 miles.

Adopted from (fairy tail's storm king) With flames that burn colder than ice he seeks to regain the past stolen from him by the one he used to love watch as Naruto Phenex rejoin the world after years of being frozen in a block of ice (ice-magic-Naruto Naruto/harem"Puppets cannot oppose or defy the puppetmaster." For a long time, I have been a puppet. At least I got to wear and fly with Iron Man armor out of this. He will not be a sword at the side of his brother, a knight of the Kingsguard or what else his family plans.

Unfortunately, he quickly finds that there are many elements in this new world that are unwilling to leave the Boy-Who-Lived alone. After all, in a world where magic is real, reality is what you decide for it to be. From an age long gone our favorite blond has been enjoying his life as a teacher. I DO NOT OWN STAR WARS OR THE FORCE AWAKENS SCRIPT! Born into the Age of The Gods, given the identity of the greatest King, and granted the greatest of potential via The Gamer. The rating may change depending on how dark I make later chapters. Millicas There are those who brings chaos and harm and those who bring hope and justice.

Description: This will be a Metamorphmagus/Animagus Harry sex god fic, he will bed many girls, boys, men, women and creatures(Regular animals and beings of other races), includes incest(Twins and other family). There will be challenges along the way, but nobody said becoming a God was easy. However after his students come under attack from a world he left behind, he will take up his blade and powers in hand. You see, it is because in this tale the hero decided he wanted to play as a girl. Girl gamers who were playing as guys because of their stats. [20 day updates]I took a flying leap through the Veil of Death. How will the newest Gamer break through all the challenges that will be thrust onto him in his great quest to be the greatest of them all? Who would've thought that a deck of cards would have that much of impact on someone's life! Semi-crack fic with serious moments, harem, Zeltrech trolling Naruto, servant shenanigans, and large amounts of property damage. Some pairings will also be non-canon, but that doesn't matter. Yang has a problem, wanting to be with others that she know's she shouldn't be with, but one day she is given an opportunity to make her dark dreams reality and then some. After all, how else would I have left my old life behind, and forged my path anew? As Naruto begins the next stretch of his journey with his loved ones, he soon discovers a more much challenging trial awaits him and his entourage. After his first mission, Axel gave some very vague instructions about the corridor of darkness.

(Harem can include others)Rules: Naruto must be powerful (on par with Whitebeard or Shanks)Main Pairing must be Naruto/Luffy Naruto must have traits from Madara, Tobi and Kabuto Naruto must use Edo Tensei sometimes (like during the War between Whitebeard and the Marines, or the attack on Enies Lobby.

(No Human sacrifices due to using Kage bunshin, which prevents also from making the Bodies truly immortal.)Naruto must hold most of his power back only revealing it when he is pissed off (like against Arlong or in Enies Lobby)Story must have Lemons.

When he is sixteen Years old his Sensei Sasori and his former Fiance Izumi (Female Itachi) come to recruit him to Akatsuki. Rules: Naruto must be three years older than the Konoha Twelve.

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