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Stunning lilac bushes, perennials, sugar maples, crab apple trees and hydrangeas are just a few of the plants and shrubs that grace the garden.

The walled garden at Maplelawn is not only a rare example, but it is also exceptionally well preserved.

Despite the city's size, the parts of Montreal that interest tourists are in relatively compact neighborhoods.

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Many trees have a little plaque explaining which visiting dignitary planted it and when. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, and many more.Some of the city's most popular restaurants are here, both along Rue St.Denis and elsewhere in this neighborhood that was largely formed by successive waves of immigrants.If you’re planning to visit gardens located near some of Ottawa and Gatineau’s major attractions, make sure to consult the Garden Promenade.You’ll find the best garden sites organized by type and by geographical location, and also handy interactive routes and maps.At its far edge is Mile End, where small groups of streets have distinctly Italian, Portuguese, or Greek atmospheres.

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