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This County Waterford wonder has sections that date back to the 12With 147km of coastline and 49 beautiful beaches, Waterford is one of the best places in Ireland to have a date by the water.

If you want to see it all, try a tour of the South East Costal drive, a stunning stretch of road that passes by beach after beach (imagine all the summer picnic opportunities! Nature lovers can find great Waterford dating ideas across the county.

Luckily for those looking for love in Waterford, the fun date ideas are endless.

The city centre is humming with great restaurants and buzzing bars while, with its mountains, beaches and riverbanks, county Waterford is rich with natural beauty. Luckily for those on the Waterford dating scene, there is a fabulous cafe right on the doorstep: the always delicious Granary cafe.

Phua, who started the company with friends Ng Jing Shen (CTO) and Charlene Koh (CMO) in July 2013 after being dumped (he’s now happily taken, thanks to a Paktor match, of course), revealed that the funding will go towards a more sustained marketing push in other parts of Southeast Asia.

“We are not limited to Southeast Asia, but it is our focus for now,” he said, when asked whether China, Japan, Korea or other countries in Asia are in the grand plans.

Paktor, a Singapore-based company, believes it has the answer for Southeast Asia, and it has just announced a million-plus funding round to build out its vision for mobile dating.

Should you want to move on to something more substantial, Waterford also boasts some wonderful restaurants.When it comes to mobile dating apps, Tinder defines the market.The startup, which sees more than 600 million swipes per day from users, pretty much owns its space in North America, but things are different in other parts of the world.Successful, intelligent Irish singles looking for lasting love can find it with Elite Singles.Our partner suggestions are made with one major thing in mind: long-term compatibility.When making a match, we take our members’ locations, personality preferences and life goals into account, ensuring that we can suggest relationships that will truly go the distance.

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