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DON’T think I’m telling you to use a real cheesy pick up line when you text a girl. and then immediately afterwards say: “Would it work? Are you a thief, because you stole my heart…” Stop right there! These samples of what to text a girl are for when, for whatever reason, she stops responding to your text messages or calls. “You seem to be busy right now, so I’ll leave you alone so you can do your thing! “I have to tell you a little secret: even my grandmother types a text message faster than YOU do. Let’s look at some examples of what to text a girl that will, 100% guaranteed, screw things up for you. It’s playing the honesty card: straight up telling her how you feel and that you won’t stop trying to get what you want. “This is me texting you how much fun I’m having without you.” Enough with the examples of how to turn things around when you THINK you screwed things up already! You can pick the place we’ll go to, but you have to promise me you’ll by me a drink when we’re there.” 32. ” Now that’s what to text a girl if all else fails. That way we don’t hurt each other’s feelings and we also don’t have to stick it out until the end of the night if we hate each other.” You have to thank fictional womanizer Barney Stinson for that last one. “Hi, this is me avoiding your questions with indirect answers for a while.” 41. Just don’t be surprised when you find out that I’m not the kind of guy who gives up when he’s genuinely interested in a girl! If we don’t like each other’s company after five minutes, we’re both free to leave. And just when you thought you saw enough examples of what to text a girl? If you think you’re done finding out what to text a girl, and with creating attraction in general, after you’ve been on a date with a girl? I seriously thank GOD that you’re not a general if you think that way, because it would mean you would have thought we’ve won a war after winning the first battle. “Hi, this is me texting you less often than I used to do.” 40. But what I mean is that you should NOT text a girl the following if you don’t want to do a fatality on attraction: if you don’t want to KILL the attraction.

Then allow me to take you to XYZ, where they have the best XYZ ever! Well, you can go out and buy the things she chose so she’ll drink and eat what she prefers on a date with you.

” As you can see: I’m mocking other guys in the dating game. It shows them you’re above and beyond slime balls who use stuff like that. You tease her by then using it on her and asking if it worked.

That’s why I use it as an example of what to text a girl. “Ok, let’s pretend for a sec that you’re a guy and I’m a hot girl like you. ” This example of what to text a girl works in a similar way as the previous one, the difference being that after she admits what she would use on you?

It works like this: we go somewhere to get a drink. Today was one of the most boring, nightmarish, and sleep inducing experiences I’ve ever been through. And again, it’s advice for what to text a girl, not something you should literally text a girl 😉 39.

” Decide for yourself if you have the guts to say example of what to text a girl #35, or not. ” This works if you want to let her know you only want to be friends with her, but it’s also what to text a girl if you want to make yourself hard to get. She’ll try even harder to make sure you’ll NOT be her friend, but her lover. “Hi, this is me acting way more distant than usual when I respond to your text messages.” Again, when you think you’re losing her interest it’s all about making yourself hard to get, so you can repair any damage you may have done. ” Cheesy pick up lines don’t work if you’re dead serious when using them.

It depends on a girl-by-girl basis, so try your luck with this one and see what happens. ” This is what to text a girl in a non-desperate way if you want to know if you can ask her out or not. “Thank you for telling me what you would like to do on our date tomorrow. ” Remember example #6 where you asked a girl to quickly choose one of two options several times?

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