Dating the book of joshua

On a clear day, from its summit you can see westward all the way to the Mediterranean, southward to the mountains surrounding Jerusalem, eastward to a glorious view of Mt. Hermon.1 Reconstruction of Temple in Jerusalem, as it is described in tractate Middot of the Mishnah. reconstruction includes all the parts discovered in the altar on Mt.Ebal: a central platform, a the altar of the Second surround, a major ramp, and a secondary ramp leading to the surround.The use of scarabs - seals and charms prevalent in ancient Egypt -spread over the entire ancient East.This seal, carved in the shape of a beetle an insect sacred to the ancient Egyptians -contains Egyptian religious symbols and scenes on its lower portion.When this larger complex was constructed, so it seems to us today, the remains of bones and ashes from the earlier rites were gathered together and used to fill the new altar.

Christianity attributed sanctity to the Galilee, where Jesus was active, and to Jerusalem. The sites of the land were generally first publicized by pilgrims' writings, but this area was not of particular interest to them.

Eastward it slopes down in four broad "steps,- today mostly covered with olive groves and field crops.

Most of the mountain is bald and rocky, and is built of hard, Eocene chalk.

We knew, at that time, that the hill country of Samaria must conceal countless historical discoveries.

In early 1978 a small team from Tel Aviv University, succeeded by a group from Haifa University, began an archaeological survey of the biblical allotment of the tribe of Manasseh in the hill country, an area extending from the Jezreel Valley on the north to Shechem and Nahal Qanah on the south, and from the River Jordan on the east to the Via Maris on the west.

Secondly, for the past two hundred years Samaria has been the center of Arab nationalism and of the Arabs' struggle against both Ottoman and British rule, and few scholars have dared penetrate into its hills.

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