Dating transgenders in prison

Federal judges in Massachusetts in 2011 and this year went further, saying the state must also provide “medically necessary” surgery. Department of Justice wrote guidelines for state prisons dealing with transgender inmates.“Medical experts do not view transitional treatments for transgender people as dangerous or experimental,” the guide reads, adding that the American Medical Association and the “agree that these transition-related treatments are effective and medically necessary for individuals who have been appropriately evaluated.”Some institutions have implemented policies even without the threat of litigation, including those in Harris County, Texas, and Cook County, Ill., both in 2013. The jail provides underwear that fit a person’s perceived gender and special shaving gels for inmates who want to get rid of their body hair.Following a 2009 inmate lawsuit, the Federal Bureau of Prisons implemented a policy that allows transgender inmates in its system to receive treatment regardless of whether they were diagnosed before or after incarceration. (As a result, some advocates have suggested that the answer to keeping transwomen safe is creating policies for them to be more easily housed in women’s facilities, as has been done in a number of cities and states, including Denver, Washington, DC, and elsewhere.(Caution: the answer below is unfortunately graphic)I can't tell you from personal experience, as I meet neither requirement, but I did some research, since there are plenty of articles about it online, and, barring a transgender inmate posting an answer, that's probably the closest we're likely to get.The answer, unsurprisingly, is that it's bad, and that there's a lot we could do to fix it.And certainly being transferred to a women’s facility is a priority for many transwomen locked up in New York and across the country.

They each described enduring long-term solitary confinement as a result of identifying or being perceived as female/feminine instead of male, the sex they were assigned at birth.

So I had to endure that for a long period of time when I was in the box.()But after Saldana had the audacity to file a complaint about being being forced into oral sex with a corrections officer, prison officials listened into Saldana's phone conversations with her mother and learned that she is transgender.

She was immediately transferred to a men's prison and the investigation is apparently in jeopardy.

When asked, however, most of the transwomen in touch with Solitary Watch named a different solution–creating specific pods, floors or even entire facilities dedicated to housing LGBT prisoners.

Snapper Media Transgender advocate Ce Ce Mc Donald, who was jailed for defending herself against a group that hurled transphobic and racial slurs at her in , also served her sentence in a male prison.

Then, one night, a CO moved her to a cell at the very end of the corridor, out of sight from the bubble where other guards would stand watch.

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