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The Members Area utilises several layers of technology to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of its transactions across the Internet.

SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures that data cannot be read by other computers as it travels between your browser and our server.

Digital Certificates allow you to verify that your browser is communicating with our server and not another server posing as our server.

Member Numbers, PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), your date of birth and other personal details are also used to verify your identity.

If your address bar displays http without the s your session will not be secure.

Secondly, you must ensure that your browser is indicating a Secure Session.

Secure Websites in Internet Explorer Secure Websites in Firefox Secure Websites in Google Chrome Secure Websites in Safari Secure Websites in Opera Always finish your session by pressing the Logout Button.

This will ensure that your session with our server has terminated securely. • New Release on Collaboration work between WLCU and 4 other credit unions in Scotland It is exciting times for WLCU who have joined with 4 other credit unions to employ an Employer Engagement Officer to work with our local employers and to encourage them and their employees to join their local credit union. • Member Notice The next collection at Strathbrock Partnership Centre, Broxburn will take place on Thursday 2nd August between 11am and 12 noon.

The list will be continually updated so best to book mark this page and keep coming back to see what new opportunities have appeared recently Competitions and Submissions Competitions and Submissions with Closing Dates Continuous Submissions Continuous Submissions – Poetry Only Continuous Submissions – Prose Only Weekly & Monthly Writing Contests Here you will find everything you could possibly want to know about West Lothian Writers, our meeting and the work of our members.

The cookie basically tells our system that a secure session has already been established with your computer.

Without the cookie data, you would have to login every time your browser requested any information from our server.

This list will not be a list of everything that is available so please contact us with any places you have come across yourself.

Each entry will be listed in date order starting with the closest deadline.

Different browsers have different ways of indicating that the session is secure and you should consult the documentation or help files on your browser.

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