Dating while discerning priesthood


You know everything already, and nothing that I have to say will apply to you because you are ‘special.’ But, do remember that special people have special problems, and special problems are always much more difficult to deal with.

This is why, as I have gotten older and past that need to be special, that I have yearned to be average.

But, then I started to walk in their shoes and discovered that most long-serving priests as reserves of great knowledge and quite proficient.

Of course, if you are pig-headed and determined to get what you want no matter what, then just skip reading this.

Being deposed is painful and humiliating not just for you, but for your family and the parishioners whom you once served.

And, if he has no need for you, don’t expect his attention or any favors.

He has a lot of other priests who are serving faithfully and are more deserving of his energy.

Your brother priests will also feel the anguish of seeing one of their own go ‘down in flames.’ So, here are a few things that I have learned along the way. I have made a great deal of mistakes and coasted the very shores ‘official sanction.’ Honestly, it is a miracle I’m still functioning as a priest.

Some of these things I did before I was a seminarian, while others I learned in the ‘trial by fire’ manner. More experienced priests will likely have a longer list, and you would do well to talk to the successful men who have served 30 or 40 years.

Your visions about teaching at the local college and serving just on Sundays are just absolute jibberish to him even when he nods in agreement and smiles.

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