Dating without novocaine


She has degrees in both English and psychology, two subjects that were fun to learn about but that guaranteed her low-paying jobs.Her father, she admits, may have been Lisa Cach grew up in a farm near Portland, Oregon, a place she loves although she'd always trying to leave it.In centuries past you were all in the kitchen with the meat.'"A mildly enjoyable read mostly because of its setting in Portland and Hannah's great fear of dentists and love of sewing.It was fun to read about places that I know so well and I too have my own fear of dentists and love for sewing.Since her writing career began her free time has become less and less as her novels become more and more popular.She's loved romance novels since Junior High School, and at least now she doesn't have to worry about getting caught reading one.

Wanderlust has led her to sail the Sargasso Sea, teach English in Japan, and trek the leech-infested jungles of Borneo.Semi-interesting charcters and a cute and predictable ending.A lot of stress in my life right now, so wanted a little bit of light reading.Luckily, the self-employed clothing designer has a job she loves and friends to help ease the pain: oversexed Cassie (always good to have the opposite perspective, Hannah notes), analytical Louise (too much perspective not always good) and an in-the-flesh tooth puller, dentist Scott (could prove useful).But as she nears the big 3-0, she begins to realize that dating frantically may truly be the only solution to finding Mr. So, pumped up on nothing but drive and determination, Hannah cuts loose on her romantic quest.For twenty-nine-year-old Hannah O'Dowd, finding a decent man in Portland, Oregon, is like pulling teeth!

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