Dating your antique piano bensonhurst dating

Remember, you'll have to see it every day even when you don't play it.

Go to piano stores, look in the newspaper, check the internet (craigslist,, etc.) and ask your local music teachers and tuners to let you know if anything turns up. Try every note, listening for buzzes or notes that don't work at all.

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But retailers also buy pianos outright or will sell yours for a consignment fee .

Word your ad simply, including the brand name, piano type (spinet, console, studio, full sized upright, or grand), age and condition.

For grand pianos, specify the length in feet and inches, measured from the cabinet's front edge (below the players wrists) to the lid overhang at the back of the curved case.

Here are some tips: The easiest way to sell a piano is through an acquaintance. Many instruments change hands quickly this way, with no advertising necessary.

Another possibility is selling it to a piano store.

There is now a huge glut of these old pianos, even though demand has gone.” Reason adds: “Yet if you can buy a sought-after piano which has a good name and quality build, you are buying a recession-proof investment.

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