Dating your in laws sibling


My 2nd Great Grandfather got a Irish woman pregnant, had 10 children.

The tenth and final child died in his mothers arms and the mother died later that day as well.

However, I was raised believing my aunt was a drug addicted prostitute.

My mom hated her because of an incident where my aunt tried to win him back..stripping and sitting on his 1st birthday.

Cecelia had ten children all up, 1 from husband number 1, 4 from H2 (Johns half siblings) and 5 from H3 (John)Age wise I'm not sure about H1, but H2 was around 15 years older than Cecelia, and H3 was 8 years younger, 19 to Cecelias 27 when they married.

I know all this because we're having a family reunion next month and we're making a short documentary on the family history That sounds like my colossal mess of a family I have.

The whole situation was a family secret till I was older. They broke up but remained on friendly terms and a few years later my dad got together with my mom. Turned out my uncle is gay as a rainbow, that probably helps.

That's also why I thought I want to get into this family.

After some days, my mom said this boy was silent when he came to our house. I guess sometimes, his parents will keep him for sometime while I think I can complete my studies by then.

His parents think like that maybe, (just my assumption) for earning to pay for the younger bro's uni fees as to help them and their parents.

I think I've got a crush with my sister's husband's bro. He's the third child in their family but not the youngest, just like as I'm the third but, youngest.

As we are not blood related and became a family by my sister marrying her husband(eldest of the family). Anyways I'm just wandering if it's possible to make love now and marry him later after I complete studies?

I worked with a guy whose wife cheated on him, and married the guy.

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