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From decidedly male and distinctively female points of view, they each skewer the world of dating, sex, romance and regret.

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” and “Call Me Never.” The material is funny, relatable and above all workable in real life.From perhaps the most celebrated dating community out there, she intercuts her dating site with visits to awards shows and gossip about celebrities.Social Clout: 1,382 followers URL: Bragging Rights: as featured in Cosmo and New York Magazine Jessica and Timothy are New York City 20-somethings offering a look at how the other half lives – in terms of gender at least.From the craziness of arranging a first date, to the uncomfortable next morning experiences, this single gal connects people through shared experiences and a lust for life.URL: Bragging Rights: city girl navigating the treacherous dating pool The perils of a city girl making her way through the wild world of dating is the cornerstone of The Perils of Urban Courtship.From young love and more seasoned passions, to creepy second dates and awkward nights, their content is drawn around understanding your partner and yourself and their advice is solid.

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