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(Courtesy Yarden Tadmor)In the age of Tinder matchmaking, it seems there's a new role for Cupid as an employment headhunter.Job hunting is taking a page from online dating, adapting the kinds of web tools typically associated with creating love connections and using them for building careers.Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. We reserve the right to close comments at any time.Don’t expect Rashad Jennings to following in Jesse Palmer’s footsteps as the next “Bachelor.” During an interview Tuesday on “Access Hollywood Live,” the former Giants running back said romancing 30 women at once will never apply to his dating playbook.Being lumped in with Tinder doesn’t sit so well with Deve, however.For philosophical reasons, he prefers comparisons to e Harmony, which pushes long-term relationships."Finding a job is a big deal.The Switch mobile app, shown here in a still, allows prospective job candidates to browse job listings and communicate with companies who may be interested in hiring them.The app has drawn comparisons to the online dating platform Tinder.

“It sounds like he doesn’t want to, but it sounds like if he did it would be so entertaining. I felt some heat.” Jennings later quipped, “I’m catching what you’re serving.” Williams was last linked to Nicholas Hammond earlier this spring.That’s a good thing, too, since that was one of the previous model’s strengths.The hinge is constructed from 812 interlinking pieces of aluminium and steel, and just like last year's model, all the tiny links work together to provide enough resistance to make a very effective hinge.Bruzzese noticed job seekers catching on to an apparent shift away from traditional job boards around the time of the 2008 financial collapse."Everybody was scrambling to find a job, and someone told me, ‘The last time I looked for a job, I picked up the New York Times.’ Another man had sent out 500 applications to the big job boards and never heard back," she said."I think recruiters who use those old-fashioned methods aren’t going to survive long."Increasingly, Bruzzese said, companies are engaging potential employees via social media before calling them in for an interview.Now that the economy has bounced back, she believes an emboldened workforce will more actively look for new career opportunities."You’re going to see companies behave like does, where it’s like, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’re going to use those criteria to find that person," she said."They want to have immediacy and instant gratification, and ask questions and vet the opportunity.""We recommend jobs to you that you might find interesting.

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