Daughter dating gangster


And she was offered to become an instructor and she actually got a student loan to pay for the course. He has basically been on his own from a very young age,” she said. That could be why a lot of these girls hook up with these guys.”She worried Brianna was not being treated well.“I know he cheated on her. They think it is their right — they are above everything, including the law.”As time passed, Kinnear tried talking to Margison.“I would say, you know, ‘Why don’t you get out of this? I knew one day she was going to need me and there were many times where she needed me.”She would visit her daughter at apartments she shared with Margison. Criminal records In February 2007, Brianna was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, along with Margison and Bryan. While she knows Brianna was involved in Margison’s business, she said for the most part the young woman tried to stay away from a direct role. I know it really brought her down because she has always really wanted to go to Disneyland and stuff like that and now she knew she couldn’t,” Kinnear said.

“So I think in the beginning it was a little bit of a maternal thing, right? He was never there, until curfew time in the late evening.“It would be a beautiful sunny day and the blinds were closed and I would go and open them and I would say, ‘Brianna, how can you live like this with the blinds closed? But her name had been on the lease of the apartment in which the drugs were stashed.“She had said to me that Jesse was going to plead guilty and take all the blame, and she wouldn’t have any charges. In December 2007, Margison was critically wounded in a shooting at a Coquitlam townhouse complex.“She called me and I met her at the hospital, sat in the waiting room with her,” Kinnear said.

3, 2009 was meant for Brianna, 22, her jailed boyfriend, Jesse Margison, or her friend Tiffany Bryan, whose truck she was driving.

Mandy Astin Johnson, who was gunned down in a car in Abbotsford on July 28, and boyfriend Gator Browne.

Click here to see more photos related to this story METRO VANCOUVER — Hours before 22-year-old Brianna Kinnear was fatally shot last year, she fought with her mom over the one topic that always divided them: the young woman’s gangster boyfriend.“In my last text to her we were just arguing about the whole lifestyle — almost to the point where I said I had supported her, but maybe I had got to start being a little tougher,” Carol Kinnear recalled recently.

“Not that I would ever have let her out of my life.”It was a decision she didn’t have to make.

she would have just been appalled and said, ‘I love you mom and I am sorry.’”Disturbing development Brianna Kinnear is one of a growing number of young B. women who have paid the ultimate price for love — ending up dead because their boyfriends are caught up in gangs, drugs and violence.

One police chief laments that many of these young women don’t realize what they are getting into.

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Twenty-two-year-old Mandie Astin Johnson was gunned down in a car in Abbotsford on July 28, 2010. “If you can’t make an easy target of the gangster, then killing that person’s girlfriend is a good option, from their perspective. Carol Kinnear is also disturbed by the trend — so much so that she agreed to an exclusive interview despite her frustration about the way her daughter was portrayed by the media after her slaying.“There is really no help for these girls,” Kinnear said.Browne, who was uninjured in the deadly shooting of Johnson, has admitted on his Facebook page that he was the intended target.Gator Browne, who was uninjured in the deadly July 2010 shooting of girlfriend Many Johnson, has admitted on his Facebook page that he was the intended target.And he has threatened to name the killers on the social-networking site. Police investigate an Abbotsford shooting that left Mandie Astin Johnson dead on July 28, 2010. on Polar Avenue near Townline Road - a rural area north of the city centre.Surrey RCMP investigate the scene at 148th and 96th avenue in Surrey, Feb.She was almost 19.”The lure of money It was the spring of 2005.

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