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Insider Internet Dating has some useful info, but it's really expensive. I learned about him on Masf and how he's the online dating guru!But I bought the ebook at a time when I was already familiar with online dating.But what I like about Net2Bed is that it helps you use emotional, sexual words in your profile.Meeting Women Online by David De Angelo: This video series by David De Angelo explains how online dating works, but most of the material is from the gurus he interviews (e.g. There's some pretty useful information here if you're a beginner.If you’re expecting some boring collection of long love letters, like those available at any bookstore, online or in some cute, “men's magazine”… You won’t attract women using those outdated, lame, boring emails -- with their stiff writing: "hey baby, I've seen your profile and think we have a lot in common... It's as simple as opening up notepad, clicking copy, then pasting... you get responses and phone numbers from women who want to meet you. NOBODY has ever seen these new emails and video training's and you'll be the first in the world when you signup to this brand new program. I'm that confident that this system will eliminate your lack of responses FOREVER, and I want to prove it to you! (Order now through our Secure Server, and get instant access!and FLOODING your inbox with messages from hot, sexy women wanting to meet you. I mean, what we're talking about here is a no-brainer. You take my "plug and play" email swipe files, use them in your online dating... You'll essentially have a “nuclear bomb” if you sign up in time to get this. Blackdragon's volume 2 is great if you're experienced with online dating.

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it’s like having the goose that lays the golden egg. Be prepared, you'll have more women replying to your emails than you've ever had before. These emails are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. an email that gets all those women who 'check out your profile' (but don't email you) messaging you back “selling” you on why you should pick them instead of any other women. I personally guarantee these emails will work for you as they have for so many other men or you pay nothing.If it was up to me, I'd make it so your computer would actually BITCH SLAP any man that sends women these emails. MOST men haven't got the slightest clue what it really takes to attract hot women online -- or they'd already be doing it. Trust me, it’s an amazing feeling when you send a bunch of emails and have this raging flood of response from hot, sexy women wanting to meet you. It's going to save you YEARS of time and effort and allow you to skip all of the hard work... Perhaps you're getting enough responses and want a quick way to get more phone numbers? with Magic Email Messages you’ll get an email guaranteed to produce an immediate "phone number surge" whenever you want. Whenever you're looking at a blank screen ...wondering what to send to a woman, have no fear. Obviously these emails worked :-) What if you could just slide effortlessly though the above steps, like you would using a paint by the numbers kit? • Show you how to modify them for different personality types.from the bazillion other guys emailing the SAME women you are? one email could bring you tons of hot women and new dates, make women online feel ATTRACTION for you INSTANTLY, another to 'reactivate' women who previously ignored you, and another that gets them to give you their phone numbers and BEG you to take them out... Why AREN'T YOU already meeting many more WOMEN through your online dating? If you can write emails that make women online feel ATTRACTION for you INSTANTLY and gets them to give you their phone numbers... In fact, here’s a screenshotof an email in my inbox: that make some emails work - while others fall flat on their face. HUNDREDS of dates to put the entire "puzzle" together. Are you having trouble getting women to reply to your emails? I can guarantee you those emails will never attract women online! You can crack this baby open and "steal" one of my masterpeices. This whole thing is designed so you can watch me show you how it works, tweak the swipe files, hit "send", and see results.One of the message templates I got from this product, actually got me laid!Some claims made in this product are fairly interesting.I've spent almost 3 years with online dating, and I've bought quite a few products.

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