Deskdating powered by vbulletin

Changing the default style does nothing" and "I disabled hooks and it still doesn't work also," so I don't know how you can say this is the first time you heard about it.

I did not ask you to send me a copy of the old file after you said you could not locate it, but send a copy of the new file which I will check with my file.

Consequently, she said I have to pay them 0 if I want to continue using v Bulletin which of course I won't do, because I already paid it; by law remains valid for life, as it says right on their purchase agreeement, "I was a consistently dependable customer, each year paying for updates and support.

I had no problem paying the usual annual fee of /yr for updates and support, but they want more money now by requiring I start a new license for 0 .

A stable and mature product, written with security and speed in mind, it has excelled in situations where.…

Here we go, get ready, because in this tournament with these competitors, anything can happen.

Yet based on the evidence given, you are overassuming so you are having a problem understanding this.

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