Dilapidating hematoma


Robinson, but there is nothing else we can do for your son.” The hallway seemed such a cold place to be imparting news like this and Dr Woodrow never liked it.

But when the patient was as close to death as James Robinson was, he knew the family never liked to be more then ten feet away from his bedside. But not much more after that.” “Thank you doctor, for everything.” Vickie Robinson dabbed at her eyes with an off white silken hanky then turned to the door of her son’s room.

She grappled to hold her sons arm and pulled it up to her face, coming close to pulling out his IV Lines.

“Vickie, be careful,” Father Kelly began but her sobs were out of control.

His skin was cold and clammy but she couldn’t pull away.

Tears fell from her red weary eyes as she rested her forehead on his.

“By the Faculty which the Apostolic See has given me, I grant you a plenary indulgence for the remission of all your sins, and I bless you.

In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Sprit.

Marcos Gomez slowly turned the page of the bible over and blocked out the sounds of the other cells around him.“Per istam sanctan unctionem et suam piissimam misericordiam, indulgeat tibi Dominus quidquid per tactum,” he muttered softly his voice still echoing in the silent room.He sprinkled the room with holy water and prayed aloud waiting as Vickie responded carefully through a teary, choked voice.Twisting the faucet he let the water run over his index finger then he circled the ground around him, leaving a light circular trail.Deep soft breaths filled his lungs and he loosened the muscles in his chest to take it all in.He felt his body swaying as the mantra passed his dry cracked lips over and over.

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