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Abu Eesa’s controversy quickly spiraled out of control and escalated to a global online topic in less than 48 hours; it was as if this was the subject of conversation around the online globe for an entire week.

I wish that, in the future, even a fraction of this power could be utilized to highlight other projects and causes that we can all agree about.

Hence, to point out any fault with such jokes, however politely and Islamicly, automatically caused one to be labeled as ‘the Other’.

The world is not monochromatic, and every real picture is multifaceted.

exposes the reality of a person: the veneer of false mannerisms intended to show off a façade of falsehood disappears, and one’s core level of God-consciousness, integrity, and commitment to truth are displayed for all to see.

For me, that is exactly what this latest online has done.

Similarly, on the (again for lack of a better term) conservative side of the spectrum, the knee-jerk reaction of complete defense also revealed the extreme anger that this group feels towards the tactics of the other group.

For many on the (for lack of better term) liberal side of the spectrum, Abu Eesa became the stereotypical bogeyman radical fundamentalist misogynistic Mawli/Imam/Shaykh figure.

And Abu Eesa knows this of me and from me – he can testify that I have expressed this to him and to others who joke in such a manner multiple times.

Our Prophet , when his servant `Anjasha urged the camels his wives were riding to hurry up, said, “O `Anjasha! ” Words can hurt more than the jostling of a camel, and I believe that Muslim men need to follow this advice with their tongues, and their actions, and be careful of harming society’s fragile vessels if they wish to achieve the pleasure of Allah.

’), and informs us that when any news comes from an untrustworthy source, we must verify it directly. It doesn’t matter what the actual are: what matters is how ‘my people’ are interpreting the facts, and if ‘my group’ says something then I must see the world in the same way.

Yet, it appears that people simply lose the ability to think critically when all of their friends say the same thing. Abu Eesa never made any jokes about rape, or FGM, or domestic violence.

Secondly, while nothing new, the harm of casual conversation and useless chatter and made-up gossip was demonstrated once again.

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