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With all these different aspects going on at once, it would seem smarter and wiser to just stay in the closet for a lifetime in some sense.

The reason we have 35 year old men approaching 19 year olds males after being married with kids, is because we live in a society that ridicules those individuals who are courageous enough to decide to be out and proud.

The Laws (slowly but surely) are changing to support and protect all people.

The first gay minister was appoint in the last decade, and people are starting to understand you can still achieve success and find acceptance as an out gay man or lesbian women.

We live in a society where homophobes are displayed on news channels for beating and sometimes killing people for their sexual orientation, where the mentality of a mass amount of people believe it would be best to get married/make 2.5 kids, and where a church says your going to hell if you don’t change your sexual orientation.

When Timothy asked him about the picture, Bernis came clean and told him he had a wife and two kids.

When situations like this happen, usually both the gay and straight community criticize and judge the Down Low man.

I had never turned down a free glass up to this point and I sure as hell wasn’t about to start. So I grabbed “Isaiah’s” phone and put my number in it. The next day I got a phone call from “Isaiah” asking if I was free to meet him for coffee. I got to the coffee shop walked in and there was “Isaiah.” He had on a pair of Prada Loafers, rolled up khaki’s, a fitted lavender tee. Your ex didn’t have emotions and look where that got you.

It’s the ending of a dream and the realization of reality. I also believe in celebrating the fact that I made it through the process without losing my mind… My divorce became final 2 ½ years ago and my friends and I headed out to celebrate my new beginning. It’s just a glass of wine, not a marriage proposal.” She was right. As they waited to be called to the front desk, I saw the man gently pull a hair out of the woman’s face look her in the eyes and give her a tender kiss on the forehead. Then I looked back at this man standing in front of me asking for my number and thought. Not to mention, I needed to get some practice dating again. But I met up with him at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Hollywood.

In middle school I decided early that it was best to suppress the thought and feelings I had for other men.

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