Do dating scans date from conception

I have very long and irregular cycles, so it's hard for me to be totally sure when I actually got pregnant. This was the gestation they used to predict my due date. I had a light period before I knew I was pg, turns out it was withdrawal from the pill. Based upon the fact DH and I weren't even in the same country on the date that my scan pinpointed, I can categorically state they are not as accurate as the sonographers would have you believe. I went very overdue and when DH was finally whipped out, several midwives and doctors said that they didn't think he looked overdue and my scan dates must have been wrong.However if I could back 14 weeks and 5 days it was before my last period How will I be able to find out for sure? I'm sorry (I'm normally quite clever, honestly) but I don't understand how 14 weeks pregnant doesn't mean that I am 14 weeks pregnant Normally it's the children in my Y4 class saying "I don't get it miss!!

It is confusing and seems all just guess work to me lol! maybe at your 20week scan you could ask them again if they are sure. Because you are not pregnant for the first 2 weeks!!!!!!!

But like somebody else said my H was out of the country when DD would have been conceived.

She came on the due date given but was obviously over due and the midwife said the placenta was in a bad way (not alarmingly bad but obv.

It's because at the very beginning they ask you when you the first say of your last period was.

It's a way of getting a fairly reliable date out of everyone.

An Early Pregnancy Scan sometimes also called a Viability Scan or Dating Scan provides reassurance in this very early stage of your pregnancy.

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