Does height matter dating


There is some evidence that shorter gay men are more likely to be bottoms and taller men are more likely to be tops, but this certainly doesn’t prove anything about lesbians.

This is just my own wild guess: as a heterosexual, married man, I am pretty clueless.

I’m going to skate over to some seriously thin ice, but hear me out.

Maybe this is the result of variation in gender identity.

Everyone pretty much knows the importance of being tall when dating in the straight community.

It explains why so many lie about their own height in online dating. Does being tall make you more attractive or less appealing? By analyzing thousands of interactions between Coffee Meets Bagel’s gay men and lesbians, we have the scoop on how height affects attraction for same-sex couples. ) , men in the United States between the ages of 20 and 39 are only 5’9.5″ tall.

Then, they would have the same reason to lie as men: it makes them more attractive to their desired partners.

This is just like straight men’s preference for women’s age: the younger, the better, no matter how old he is.

But this is totally backwards: why would gay women inflate their height, if their partners like shorter women better?

Saying you are an inch taller than you really are doesn’t make you that much more attractive to guys who are already shorter than you, but it does make you more attractive to a guy who is really an inch taller than you.

This is because with the fib, the two of you are now the same height. Straight women exaggerate about the same amount (half an inch) as straight men, while lesbians exaggerate by more than an inch.

Not really, because lesbians’ preference for short women is extremely weak.

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