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And, once again, these dresses, while well made, are ridiculously cheap.We do a little hand sewing to ensure a perfect fit but, truth to tell, I've bought Mady half a dozen of this pattern in different fabrications which lets her look different, yet the same, at each of the summer occasions.At the same time, I always have to remember that Mady is a very beautiful, very fit, young lady and, to be fair, she should have a few deliciously skimpy outfits to gain a little attention with.

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When Mady was simply my maid she would not attend these events but, as my maid/companion it is elliot's and my pleasure to bring her along.Especially when it is laced down to the point where it is actually doing its job and compressing Mady's already tiny waist.But we are resolved that she will marry at 18 inches and there are still an inch and a half to go.And, yes, there is something just a little naughty about having my own, living, doll to dress just like playing Barbies.All the more fun when we all go home and I stand elliot in his corner and undress my sweet Mady and let her slip under my dress... If you love Femdom or are just taking an interest in it, you should start by joining Femdom Dating.

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