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Shy couples can schedule a private class before a big Sunday debut.

Make it happen: Wednesdays, 6– p.m., ; every first Sunday of the month, 2–7 p.m., free.

The plan: Take to the skies, with an introductory flying lesson, an aerobatic tour, or dogfighting in military aircraft.

Perfect for: Newlyweds and longtime lovebirds who aren’t afraid to splurge.

Canvas and Cabernet, Thurs.–Sat., –9 p.m., –, Sun. The plan: Pull up a seat at one of these five tables for a romantic dinner, where you can whisper sweet nothings over the flickering of a cozy fireplace.

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Perfect for: Unabashed animal lovers unafraid of getting dirty.With its thigh-high slit dresses and hip-to-hip contact, the tango oozes sexiness like few other dances.Learn the passionate art form during classes at Blackhawk Plaza.Rustle in the Bushes Follow Kevin Feinstein, better known as “Feral” Kevin, on an excursion through Lafayette’s Sienna Ranch, and you’ll learn how to collect an edible bounty.During his two-hour edible plant forays, Feinstein identifies species for your dinner table and teaches sustainable foraging techniques. You may score miner’s lettuce, wild mustard, and chickweed.Time commitment: Two hours, plus time to gush over the adorable gray foxes.

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