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Known reasons for rejection are because the user is already married, is younger than 60 and has been married more than four times, is under the minimum age of 21, provides inconsistent answers in the profile or fails its "dysthymia scale." So it sounds like the system may have rejected the OP because it determined he could have depression. If you don't do well in bars or church and such, is there any reason to believe you'd do better online?I don't want to criticize the OP's psychiatrist but this seems like something the therapist should have known before advising a patient to try e Harmony. And you PAY for the priviledge of getting rejected The site e Harmony has rejected gays because they claim their their scientific method is based on two heterosexuals who want a relationship.Think about it they are saying "We don't want your money." This is a good thing. I just logged back in and reopened my account to see what would happen (giving my SO a bit of a startle in the process, hehe), and it has accepted me and offered me matches despite the fact that I have self-identified as non-religious.Better than taking your money with no intention of trying to get you a date. I'm quite certain that I was open about my atheism when I was an active member, and that I had selected only to be matched to other non-religious types.Anyway, I have "major depressive disorder" and was as honest as I could be in my e Harmony profile. Gay people wouldn't fall into that scientific method. If they have a separate algorithm for gay people, then they could just as easily incorporate it into their existing e Harmony matching program.

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e Harmony began by billing itself as a relationship finder for the general public.It bugged the hell out of me that they let me spend all that time filling out the forms when I was rejected based on an answer from a half hour ago. The business models (advertising, promotion, dating patterns) could be quite different as well.My guess is that they figure after spending all that time filling all that stuff out you're less likely to set up a new account with falsified info just to get in. JDate is a site for Jewish singles, why not a separate site for Gay singles?There's no opportunity to go back and change answers.Now, I figured one reason is that my self-esteem is not the greatest, and I answered the questions honestly.The site states that one in five people are not suitable for the service.

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