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At this stage, any of these solutions are going to require that you (a) set up an account with a hosted provider or install the solution in your environment alongside Moodle and (b) enable and configure a plugin in Moodle so that it can use that system. Myles When I first started looking at the whole software issue I set some critera. The model we use gives up a good edge with primary and high schoolers.

John The marketing policy of Dim Dim has not been open at all.

(No pun intended.) I'd suggest that it's important to have the range of features that people want, but keep the possiblility of switching off features that administrators don't want to provide, as some features won't be appropriate for some student groups.

So, my recommendation would be to use 3 programs: Some of the current webconferencing modules look like they are simply interfaces to access commercial services.

For the whole community, the ideal way to go is probably to keep a free open source version (based on version 4.5) of a Dimdim module up to date and glitch free.

Rosshi John, We've been looking at both Big Blue Button (which is promising but still immature) and the leading commercial solutions (notably Adobe Connect). With some courses Vo IP is enough, others we need the Full Monty.

What level of integration are you describing or envisaging? Openmeetings allows us to keep it in-house, data is cheap.

Just check out the youtube video from Sebastian Wagner, he is the developer of Open Meetings! However, If you invest 9 in I actually use Camtasia a lot to create training videos and lectures.

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