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The following English programs have proven to offer the very best in their online program offerings, and have made our list of Best English and Humanities Degrees for 2017. Some have strong focus on writing, while others tend to concentrate on critical analysis of past and present literature.

And some may have years of experience delivering online programs in the field, while their counterparts may be relatively new to the game.

If you'd like to be one of the architecture photographers featured in an article on our Home Page, sign up and submit your architecture and landscape photographs. Romania Revisited Where do the boundaries lie in architecture photography?

In this section Floornature offers you visibility among a selected target, putting you in contact with architects, enterprises and critics the world over. Professional photographer, Piergiorgio Corradin, alias Pikorra, named his exploration of the fish market in Livorno: Lische Squame Coda Amore Libertà (Fishbones Scales Tail Love Freedom). Art, desert and photography: a visual narrative of West Texas Craig Washburn's photographic reportage explores the different facets of West Texas, from its rugged landscape to the eclectic communities who live there. Should it be limited to photographs of buildings and furnishings, or should it be extended to include landscapes?

Self-paced degree options allow for 24/7 access to resources, and real-time programs offer a great balance of online and in-person engagement.

A lot goes into an online English program, however, from finding the right program to enrollment to graduation.

Supplemental accreditation may be given by the Commission on English Language (CEA) Program, which is a specialized accreditation program, recognized by the Secretary of Education.Since the student will be limited to only (or mostly) digital interaction, it is important to look for communication technology, remote support, digital libraries and other supporting platforms and materials.Students must be able to choose from a variety of schedules that fit their lifestyles and conform to the needs of their other responsibilities.An advisor should get to know the students they are helping, and guide them from enrollment to graduation.If the student wishes, he or she should be able to choose a different advisor than the one he or she was assigned.Schools with regional accreditation have been meticulously reviewed and ultimately approved by an independent agency to guarantee that it meets high and consistent academic standards.

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